Company Profile

Steaks Alive focuses on producing cattle for Registered Breeders, Commercial Cattlemen and Consumers of Beef. While focusing on the needs of the ultimate consumer, we strive to maintain phenotype, growth, and maternal characteristics while maintaining registered breeding stock.

Steaks Alive maintains memberships in the American Simmental Association, Canadian Simmental Association, Missouri Simmental Association, Kansas Simmental Association, Simmental Association of the Ozarks, Texas Simmental Simbra Association.

Steaks Alive was started by John and Jeanne Scorse in the 1970's. We started as a small commercial cattle operation which started using some Simmental Genetics. We really enjoyed the disposition, growth, and maternal characteristics of their offspring. John and Jeanne trained in and began using Artificial Insemination in the1980's, then trained with a two veterinarian Embryo Transplant School during the 1990's. We felt the use of these techniques would allow us to optimize our operations and help us accelerate our genetic advancements.